Review: Samsung Q1EX vs Fujitsu P1610 running Anywhere Map Pro

This post provides a user review and comparison of the Samsung Q1EX versus the Fujitsu P1610 UMPCs. This review focuses on the user interface and screen performance in an aircraft cockpit environment running the  Anywhere Map Pro aviation GPS navigation software created and sold by Control Vision Corporation.  This is not a formal review but rather my personal observations as an experienced user of the AWM Pro system on a variety of tablet PCs.

Fujitsu P1610 vs Samsung Q1EX

Fujitsu P1610 vs Samsung Q1EX

Why do this?  When I read about Samsung’s release of the Q1EX, it looked to me like a great match for this software as well as sized to fit well in a small aircraft cockpit.  I bought one as an “upgrade” to my existing Fujitsu P1610.  To test my decision, I (temporarily) loaded AWM Pro on both units and flew with them in my Grumman Tiger to get a good side-by-side comparison.  Made sense to me to share the results with you.

The units:

Samsung Q1EX tablet. 7″ WSVGA screen, 1024 x 600, LED backlit. Max 300 nits screen brightness. 2GB RAM, 60GB HDD. VIA Nano CPU. Wifi and Bluetooth. SDHC slot. Windows XP Tablet Edition. Stock with no mods (yet).

Fujitsu P1610 Lifebook convertible PC(rotating screen to tablet). 8.9″ screen, set to 1024 x 600 (native resolution is 1280 x 768 but that was too small for my eyes). Intel Core Solo CPU @ 1.2 Ghz.  Wifi and Bluetooth. SDHC and PC Card slots. Windows XP Tablet Edition.  Upgraded with 1GB RAM and 32GB Samsung SSD. 

Flight conditions were clear, sunny day and relatively smooth air.  The Grumman Tiger has great visibility which makes for a bright cockpit even when oriented away from the sun, so it’s a good test for how these devices perform.   Both units were set to maximum screen brightness.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll let the photos below do most of the talking.  They show the side-by-side comparison of the Fujitsu P-1610 (on the left, mounted to the yoke) and the Samsung Q1EX (on the right, holding it in my hand).  The Fuji is linked by Bluetooth to the GPS, and the Samsung had AWM Pro in simulation mode.  Tried my best to hold the Samsung so it shows a fair comparison of the screen displays.  Normal aircraft vibration and holding the Samsung free-hand made for some variability on the screen angles to the camera and sun, but I think these photos are pretty representative for comparison.  I’ll provide my summary and some additional thoughts about usability at the end of the post.

First two photos are with the cockpit shading from direct sunlight.  They show the basic AWM Pro program (first photo) and then the optional Pocket Plates 3 program (geo-referenced IFR approach plates) with also-optional ULTRATAWS high-resolution terrain overlay).


Fujitsu P1610 vs Samsung Q1EX

Fujitsu P1610 vs Samsung Q1EX


Fujitsu P1610 vs Samsung Q1EX

Fujitsu P1610 vs Samsung Q1EX


Next two photos are with the units in direct sunlight.    They show the basic AWM Pro program again, and then the optional MAXNAV chart service (geo-referenced VFR sectional charts) as an overlay on the AWM Pro mapping.


Fujitsu P1610 vs Samsung Q1EX

Fujitsu P1610 vs Samsung Q1EX

Fujitsu P1610 vs Samsung Q1EX

Fujitsu P1610 vs Samsung Q1EX

Screen Visibility:  My overall impressions of screen visibility was that the Samsung is brighter than the Fujitsu in all conditions and had sharper detail.  The latter may be due to the Samsung having a native screen resolution of 1024 x 600 while the Fujitsu has to scale its resolution down to get to 1024 x 600.  While the Samsung has a physically smaller screen, I didn’t find it difficult to use at all.  Both screens are reflective, but the Fujitsu seems to be much more so, as seen in the photos. 

Other thoughts on Usability:  It’s all about trade-offs.

Size:  The Samsung is noticeably smaller in all dimensions and lighter than the Fujitsu.  It will fit more easily in the tight yoke configuration of the Tiger and the shorter length will provide improved visibility to the aircraft panel and instruments.  But the screen is also smaller (7″ versus 8.9″) so more scrolling will be needed depending on your zoom settings.  I think the screen on the Samsung is “crisper” than the Fujitsu which makes up for the size difference.

Hardware Buttons:  The Samsung has no hardware buttons except for the scroll wheel which also provides access to the basic operations menu (screen brightness, screen rotation, sound volume, etc).  This is a limitation for me because I programmed the Fujitsu hardware buttons for things like switching between open program windows. In addition to AWM Pro and Pocket Plates, I run the Windows StickyPad utility to write quick notes (like ATIS) and also run ListPro from Ilium Software with my Tiger checklists.  So I will have to use the Samsung taskbar to switch between applications.  Another option is a free utility called Quick Buttons. This utility allows you to create a task bar of buttons that provide instant access to programs or functions like zooming or screen rotation or switching between programs.  I’ve used this utility successfully in the past. So the Fujitsu has easier access in some cases with its programmable hardware buttons.  But you can achieve close to the same functionality on the Samsung with on-screen options and utilities and using the scroll wheel.

Keyboard:  The Samsung has no hardware keyboard.  It is a pure tablet.  But there are effective solutions for this.  Control Vision has included a very good on-screen keyboard that is invoked whenever you need to enter text or numbers in the AWM Pro or Pocket Plates 3 programs.   For other programs and for short text entry such as web browsing, I use a free utility from Ilium called InScribe that provides instant access to a customizable on-screen keyboard that works with any program where character entry is needed.  For bigger text/data entry needs, Samsung sells an “Organizer” accessory for the Q1EX that provides a docking station and near full size keyboard, as well as protection for the main Q1EX unit.  This will be a nice feature to store and use the Q1EX when not mounted to the yoke.  The Fujitsu has a built-in keyboard (not accessible in tablet mode), so the keyboard is there in laptop mode for large text/data entry.  But the extra size and weight of that hardware keyboard is there all the time with the Fujitsu. With the Samsung Organizer, detach the keyboard for mounting at the aircraft yoke, reducing size and weight on the yoke.

Modifications:I had to do a lot of software tweaking on the Fujitsu to do what should be simple things like getting the portrait orientation I needed to use it on the yoke (hardware buttons on the left). For some unexplained reason, Fujitsu only allows 2 screen display rotation options in its display driver using the hardware buttons, rather than all 4 rotation options provided by most manufacturers.  I had to find and install a new display driver directly from Intel to allow 4-way screen rotation!  Also had to program the Fujitsu hardware buttons for incremental screen brightness changes. The Samsung has quick access to these functions via the scroll wheel menu.  On the other hand, the Fujitsu uses software utilities that in my opinion give you easier access to a wider range of options to personalize your tablet and screen preferences (if you are willing to go “under the hood” and venture into the Registry). The Samsung has more limited access (at least so far, the utilities are not as intuitive and I haven’t seen tweaks posted on message boards yet).  But out of the box, the Samsung to me is easier to adjust screen and display functions for aircraft use.  One hardware mod I will have on the Samsung (if I keep it) is replacing the HDD with a SSD to avoid issues at altitudes above 10,000 feet.  I did that switch on the Fujitsu (32BG SSD) and it went relatively smoothly. Unfortunately the Samsung HDD uses a ZIF connector, so will have to get a different SSD.  Haven’t cracked the case on the Samsung and there is no online discussion yet about doing mods, so will have to do some more research before looking at replacing the Samsung HDD.

Availability:  The Fujitsu 1610 is discontinued but available as a refurb and as USED through the usual channels.  The latest version of this unit, the Fujitsu P1630 is their current model and readily available, although at or above about $2,000 equipped with a HDD.  Switching to a SSD will add a couple hundred dollars if you do the switch yourself. Accessories are readily available for the Fujitsu (although expensive) from many sources including Fujistu.  As I write this review, the Samsung Q1EX is just spreading through the on-line retailer network.  The online pricing is running about the list price of $749 (with a 60GB HDD).  Accessories for the Q1EX are pretty scarce so far, with few vendor options.  Even Samsung Corp has very few accessories listed for the Q1EX; I had to email them for the model number of the Organizer.  The auto power supply is the same model as used for other Q1 models so should be pretty available.  Q1EX-only items like the Organizer will take longer to get. Control Vision is working on their yoke mount for the Q1EX but it is also not available yet.  Such are the burdens of early adopters!

Overall Summary:  In my opinion, the Samsung Q1EX will be an excellent platform for GPS-based aviation navigation systems like the Control Vision Anywhere Map Pro system.  I suspect you will see it offered in the future as a hardware option or at least recommended hardware from the vendors of these systems.  It’s still a relatively new product so tweaks, reviews and accessories are still few and far between.  But that should change as more units become available and are sold.  On the other hand, the Fujitsu P1610 is a solid performer and extremely well suited to run the AWM Pro suite as currently configured.   So which one am I going to keep?   Good question…

34 Responses to Review: Samsung Q1EX vs Fujitsu P1610 running Anywhere Map Pro

  1. Tom says:

    so what is the model number for the organizer and what comes with it? If you don’t mind tellinh me.

    • brianflys says:

      The model number for the Organizer is AA-EX6UORG. It’s still on back-order everywhere while Samsung ramps up production. According to the information (and video) it has a docking station with extra ports, keyboard, and case with a flap that protects the screen.

  2. Tod Watkins says:

    Brian, thanks for the comparison. My LS800 is needing to be replaced and I am looking at the Samsung Q1 to run AWM on in the plane but I am having trouble getting info on it. Can the Q1 run 2gig of ram with the SSD 32gig drive in it. an where is the best place to get one, since I already have all the software I would like to just buy the tablet by itself with the SSD in it. Thanks for the info..

    • brianflys says:

      Hi Tod. The Q1EX comes with 2GB of RAM and a 60GB HDD. I purchased and installed a 32GB SSD (MTRON) that seems to work fine so far, after a full clean install. Control Vision can sell you the Q1EX with the SSD installed, which is probably your best bet if you do not want to get into the guts of the device and then have to reload everything. I don’t know where the best place is to get one otherwise (you cannot get the 32GB SSD as an option in a factory model at this time).

  3. Jim Mehling says:

    Where did you buy the SSD for the P1610? I am using the P1610 with ControlVision software, and would like to swap the HDD for a SSD, but cannot find a place to buy it. What model is is? Thanks.

    Jim Mehling
    Mooney N252CR

    • brianflys says:

      Hi Jim. I bought the SSD for the Fujitsu from Newegg online about a year ago. It is a Samsung 1.8″ 32GB SSD with PATA connector. Model MCBOE32G8APR. Unfortunately, Newegg does not list it as an active item anymore and there do not seem to be too many places that carry this drive. Most of the new SSDs being sold have the ZIF connector instead. Best bet is to google the SSD type you want or the model number and go from there.

  4. Scott Buchart says:

    Do you know if the Samsung is available in stock anywhere with the SSD drive? I currently use a Fujitsu p1620 and it is not bright enough in my cockpit. I also have an LS800, which is plenty bright, but gets too hot. Do you know how the Samsung compares in brightness to the Motion LS800? I only want to see approach plates and en-route charts (I have the rest in my panel).

    • brianflys says:

      Hi Scott. The only place I know that is carrying the Q1EX with SSD is Control Vision. They have this unit with a 32GB SSD that they install as a the latest hardware platform to support their AnywherePro tablet PC software system. Check for more information. I don’t know for sure how the brightness compares to the LS800 although I used to own one. I think it’s probably close but I find the Q1EX bright enough in my bright cockpit. The one major knock I recall with the LS800 was a heat issue where it would shut down (it has no fan). Haven’t seen that problem reported for the Q1EX. Control Vision sells a yoke mount for the Q1EX (I have one on order) that includes an integral fan that should augment the internal fan of the Q1EX for those very hot summer days.

  5. Scott Buchart says:

    Also, which model MTRON disk did you purchase? I am trying to find which one to buy on their web site. By the way, your article and photos are extremely helpful!

    • brianflys says:

      The MTRON MSD-PATA3018-032-ZIF2. It was $229 from I think it is their only 32GB SSD that is 1.8″ form factor. Thanks for the kind words about the post!

  6. Scott Buchart says:

    I received the Samsung Q1EX today, and it is fantastic. I loaded my chart software on it, and all works very well in daylight. Thanks again for the tip.

    Two questions:

    1. When I write with Stickypad or Journal, the unit does not take down text very well at all. The cursor jumps a lot even though I am careful not to touch the screen. Did you find any settings to make note-taking work better (I used to write clearances on my tablet pc).

    2. Did you find an EXE to launch to dim/brighten the display with the QuickButtons program (and do you have any tips for other things to use QuickButtons for)? That seems like a great utility if you know what to set each button to do for you.

    Thanks again for the input. It is always helpful to learn from someone who has done this already.

    • brianflys says:

      Hi Scott, sorry I missed your last comment. Glad you like the Q1EX. Writing on the screen of the Q1EX does not seem to be as smooth as other tablets. I think it has to do with the touch recognition software they use. I got the response to improve by opening the eGalaxTouch utility, and going to the Settings tab. At the bottom is a mouse button that says “normal mode” and an options button. I selected the Options button and de-selected enable constant touch and enable cursor stabilization. Still get some jumpy writing expecially in the plane with vibration. I compensate by writing a bit more slowly and with large characters. I’d love to find a way to make the writing more precise so if you come up with a new tip, please share! Unfortunately there is not the large community of users to find all these tips. Re #2; I have not found exe utilities for changing the parameters such as screen brightness that could be used with Quickbuttons. However…I just received the Organizer for the Q1EX and the keyboard that is part of the organizer has keys labeled for doing certain screen functions with the Function key. So I might have to experiment to see if this could translate to Quickbutton commands. For example, the screen brightness icons are on the up and down arrows, so maybe Fn+ up arrow may increase brightness using QB. Let me know if that works.

  7. Scott Buchart says:

    Hi, Brian. Did you ever find a yoke mount that fits the Samsung NP-Q1EX? I have that unit, and it works great, but I would like to mount it on my yoke. The one from ControlVision did not seem to fit that model.

  8. Excellent review Brian. Thanks for posting. I’ve been trying to “homebuild” a Garmin 696 and I’m now very intrigued by the Samsung. You can read my posts and other people’s comments at Some of the commenters love the Kindle DX for displaying approach plates, but I’m looking for something more than just an e-book reader.


  9. Dana Carroll says:


    Does your Fujitsu P1610 have the optional Sunlight Readable Display and where did you purchase your yoke mount? What type of camera do you use for your aerial photography? Call me at 540 309-0640 or e-mail me with your reply.


  10. F.Sturm says:


    Thanks for this nice comparison! I actually just ordered a Q1EX and am now searching for the right SSD to put in. I saw the MTRON MSD-PATA3018-032-ZIF2 and could certainly get one of these, but actually I had a look at the Intel X-18M 80GB, but it has a different Interface, namely SATA II. Would that one work with the Q1 as well?
    Actually I didn’t have to deal with SSD interfaces yet, and am therefore not sure what fits right into the Q1.

    Thanks for a short answer!

  11. F.Sturm says:

    OK, after research I understand that only PATA / ZIF works, will then all these 1.8 PATA ZIF SSDS work, e.g. the RUNCORE 128GB SSD ZIF, or the PhotoFast G-Monster ZIF V3 1,8″ PATA SSD 64GB, or does the ZIF-Version need to be a specific one?

    Thanks a lot for answering my newbie-questions concerning PATA interfaces.

    • brianflys says:

      Did my research and ordered and installed the following: MTRON MOBI 1.8″ 32GB PATA ZIF SLC SSD. Keep in mind you want SLC versus MLC (SLC is much faster SSD memory). I think the RUNCORE may be the slower memory type. Didn’t know there were different versions of ZIF; don’t recall that being an issue when I swapped drives.. As long as it’s a 1.8″ ZIF I guess it would work. Good luck with your new Q1EX!

  12. Johann says:

    Is the Q1EX fanless? I noticed there are some vents on the left (?) side. Is it noisy?

  13. Francesco says:

    Hi guys! I’m a private pilot, and I’m very interested to the solution of a EFB based on q1ex. Where have you purchased yours ?? I have ordered the q1ex (with 4 and 6 cells battery, + organizer keyboard) by expansys, but unfortunately I’m quite disappointed about the delay that expansys has to delivery the product. At the time of the order it was “in Stock” just a couple of day later I have received the email about delivery delay and now (without email) I have tracked the order again and there are other 5 days of delay. Di you have also delay or problem to get the q1ex ??. I will install the Jeppesen Flitedeck, Jeppview and Flightstar programs on it. thanks!!

  14. Scott Buchart says:

    Francesco: After reading Brian’s review of the Q1EX, I also purchased it. I originally had a Motion LS800, then switched to a Fujitsu, and then switched to the Q1EX. It works great. I purchased on from eBay. I saw some there for $500. I then purchased the SSD drive from Amazon (MTRON MOBI 1.8″ 32GB PATA ZIF SLC SSD).

    I use ChartCase Pro as my EFB software. In one package you have all of Jepp’s products. I also have Jepp’s products on my Q1EX because it came with my panel mounted Garmin G600. But the Jepp products are hard to run with a finger. ChartCase Pro works very well with a touch screen tablet. They have an INFLIGHT mode, which is fantastic.

    I fly with either NACO or Jepp charts, so I don’t care which set I use. But even though ChartCase uses NACO charts, I find their interface far, far better. And the annual subscription price is far less than Jepp.

    I just thought you might like to know what software one user of the Q1EX is using for private pilot Instrument and VFR flight.

  15. Francesco says:

    Scott: thanks for your great information. I checked the ChartCase Pro, you are right: the user interface (from what I have seen in some pictures) is better than Jepp, probably more tablet-pc oriented than Jepp. The main question is: does it support European Charts??? I live in Europe (in Germany, but I’m italian) and with jepp I have the entire Europe installed (VFR). I’m still waiting the Q1ex!!! now I’m looking to buy the Mtron SSD too (the 32Gb model). I have seen that I have to pay attention to the dimension (deep 5mm ??) right?.
    What GPS module do you use ?? I have an external bluetooth GPS (with integrated data logger) and usb interface. I’m wondering if use it via BT or it is better with an usb cable (in this way I have probably less EM interference ?!) …. thanks best regards !!

    • F.Sturm says:

      Hi Francesco,

      as for the software you might like to take a look at Flightplanner & Skymap in combination, as they use german ICAO Cards, and are in my opinion the best Flight Planning and Moving Map combination there is, at least for the European Market. You can even view the German AIP Approach Charts for VFR in their original form or as a map overlay. ( SSDs: The mobitron ZIF II is exactly the same as ZIF I, except for dimensions, where the ZIF II is thinner. I ordered the mobitron ZIF II 2GB.

      The GPS receiver can be used either via Bluetooth or via USB. If it’s a bluetooth one, chances are good, that for USB connection it won’t need it’s built in battery, so one of them less to take care of.

      The perfect Mount can be found at Control Vision where they sell the Q1EX as their “SST”. They will also ship the holderplate alone without mount for 69$.

      Hope this helps a little!

      Best Regards

  16. Francesco says:

    Scott: a couple of questions about q1ex: what battery do yo use? (4 or 6 cells) and how many hours does the q1ex work using the navigation sw ? I hope to get a performance of at least 3,5 – 4 hours using the 6 cells. thanks bye

  17. Scott Buchart says:

    Francesco: I think you will have to stay with Jepp since ChartCase only shows NACO charts, but you may want to ask ChartCase if they support Europe. I don’t know if the drive I bought is 5mm deep, but my post above was the exact text from when I ordered the SSD drive from the site. I am using a Garmin GPS-10 bluetooth that I have had for many years, and I am sure most any GPS will work fine. I did have to setup the COM port for the GPS to be 1 through 5, because Jepp did not seem to like the default bluetooth connection of port 40. So you may need to do that when you assign a COM port to your GPS connection.

    I don’t like having cables everywhere, so I have my GPS on the glareshield with power going to it. I have the 6 cell batteries (and 4 cell). The 6 cell seems to last about 5 hours. The 4 cell seems to last about 2 hours. I like the profile of the thinner battery better, but the thick battery does work longer and puts the tablet on a slant on your knee, which is actually quite nice.

    I used a yoke mount from RAM that is their generic RAM mount. I could not find one that fit the Q1EX properly, but the generic RAM worked ok. It is a little large, but I mounted it landscape on my 421 yoke, and that worked well with the 4-cell battery. That RAM mount is called: RAM-234-6 RAM UNIVERSAL LAPTOP MOUNT TOUGH TRAY II

    I found the Q1EX to be bright enough (much brighter than the Fujitsu, and almost as bright as the Motion LS800 View Anywhere option). I prefer the larger size of the Fujitsu p1620, but it was not bright enough on sunny days or on top of the clouds. If I find a brighter 8.4 inch screen, I will sell my Q1EX and go for a larger model, but until then, the Q1EX works very well.

  18. Francesco says:

    Scott: with the 6 cells battery is the profile of the q1ex asymmetric? is heavier? than 4cell? I have received information from Expansys UK that they have delivery problem from Samsung! so I will not get the q1ex with the full optional accessories I wanted (keyboard and extra battery) but probably only the device with only the 6 cells battery! very bad service from Expansys. I’m wondering if buying the viliv X70 instead. the problem is that I’m quite sure that samsung has the best display. regards thanks

  19. Scott Buchart says:

    Francesco: The 6 cell battery makes the end with the “dial” and “power button” thicker. But that works well for me because that ends up being toward my knee (with the thinner end toward my body). This way, the tablet sits on a slight angle facing me, which makes it easier to see. I also like the dial being away from me (the thicker end) which also scrolls jepp charts up and down, sets the brightness, etc. I also like the screen on the Q1EX far better than any other tablets I have seen or owned except for the discontinued Motion LS800 which was fantastic. I also like how the Q1EX has a sliding “lock” switch to disable the touch screen. I load an approach plate, read it over, then zoom in on the profile view. I then lock it. That way I can’t bump the screen and have anything change while flying the approach. If you “lock” the screen, your arm can sit on the screen or whatever and not change the display until you “unlock” the screen. I dont knowo the viliv X70, so I can’t comment on that. Good luck. Perhaps try the ebay store?

  20. reviving a dead thread/topic says:

    What did you exactly do in the registry for the screen buttons – I would like to program one as a right mouse click (I need this ability) – Also, how do you like Anywhere Map Pro, it looks nice but I’m wary(?) because of the many negative comments/feedback on their ATC product.

    • brianflys says:

      I don’t have notes on the registry changes, but they were changes on the Fujitsu for the Screen Orientation options. You may find some information on tablet or UMPC forums on changing the screen orientation on the Fujitsu P1610. I was never able to find a way to program a right-click. That is still one of the biggest obstacles to smooth use of a tablet, particularly in flight where vibration makes it very difficult to hold the stylus or finger still to register a right-click.
      Regarding Anywhere Map Pro, I have used it for years and really like it. The company makes many changes in their software and it is very powerful, with the latest version very stable. And the newest version supports Sectionals, Enroute IFR (Low and High) charts, and approach plates, all geo-referenced. I also have an ATC which I have used for several years with much success and essentially no problems. I think the HP hardware has been the biggest problem for CV. I understand the hardware quality was not consistent, and HP made undocumented hardware changes during the (brief) production run that impacts the hardware. The whole idea behind the ATC was to be an appliance where CV could control the hardware and software, and reduce the variables that cause problems. Unfortunately HP did not build a consist hardware device, with oddball street software and even power charging hardware. No wonder it was discontinued. Go check the Anywhere Map site. CV has a new unit called “Quadra” that is replacing the ATC, and I think the expectation is CV can control the hardware better and not have the proprietary issues they had with the HP device.

  21. Tania says:

    Hello. I recently purchased a Q1EX and, because Samsung’s site ‘suggests Windows 7’, I just installed 7. Unfortunately, I cannot get the scroll menu to work properly. I contacted Samsung and they only ‘suggest windows 7’ because they are affiliated with Microsoft….they “do not support windows 7 on this particular model”. So, I’ve installed 7 and am stuck. I can get the scroll menu to come up, will scroll and select your choice, but when go to make changes – it will not accept them and bounces back to whatever the current setting is. Any suggestions for software to get this scroll menu up and running properly? Hope you can help!!


    • brianflys says:

      Hi Tania,
      I went through a long process trying to find a way to get the tablet and scroll menu working with Windows 7. Bottom line, it does not work. I agree that Samsung is borderline negligent by putting the Windows 7 information on the Q1EX page. Oops, no, they are not borderline negligent…
      They are 100% MISLEADING!! And their support is essentially worthless, with no support provided for this device since it was released.
      Worse, Samsung has missed the boat on the new excitement for tablets, with this crippled device.
      Stupid company.
      Your only option is to re-load Windows XP and the associated drivers. There is no Windows7 solution.

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