Q1EX to Windows 7 — Step Up Samsung!

Tried again on the Labor Day weekend to upgrade my Samsung Q1EX from Windows XP to Windows 7, using the Release Candidate (version 7100) that is publicly available.  I was encouraged by reading posts in the Gottabemobile and UMPCPortal forums about the success of upgrading to Windows 7 for various other Q1 models. 

No Go.  Bottom line is that Samsung needs to step up with Drivers and Utilities to allow the Q1EX to work with Windows 7.  Samsung, you have nice hardware.  Please SUPPORT Windows 7 on the Q1EX! 

A clean (wipe the disk) install of Windows 7 on a Samsung Q1EX basically leaves you with a tiny slate that needs an external keyboard and mouse to function.  I tried the fixes mentioned in the Q1 forums to provide Tablet function, but there are 2 key obstacles. 

First, the forums mention installing new drivers for the USB touchscreen drivers.  But the Q1EX shows no USB touchscreen drivers (only PS2) so none of those options work.  The closest I can get to any touchscreen capability is to install the latest eGalax driver for Windows 7.   This allows a touch interface, but Windows 7 does not recognize the touchscreen and allow Tablet functions.   There is no USB “human interface device” on the Q1EX to update using the handy-dandy utility mentioned on the UMPC Tips site.   None of the XP or Vista drivers on the Samsung site give you access to the tablet functions.

Second, the Samsung utilities, primarily the Wheel Button utility for the Q1EX does not work in Windows 7.  The Wheel Button utility is very important because the Q1EX does not have any other hardware buttons, so you need this utility to get access to the utilities for screen brightness and rotation, sound, WIFI control, etc.  The Wheel Button utility appears to install under Windows 7, but it does not function. 

Samsung has advertised they are making Windows 7 available for their notebooks.  I hope they are going to step up and make Windows 7 available for the Q1EX line as well.

6 Responses to Q1EX to Windows 7 — Step Up Samsung!

  1. fad says:

    Brian, I hope this is not a redundant question. I am considering a Q1EX, your information has been the best that I have found so far. My question is does the Q1EX have a GPS antenna intergrated or not? Thanks for the great articles.


  2. brianflys says:

    Hi Fad,
    Glad you found this information helpful. There has not been much information published on the Q1EX. Not sure why, seems that it was introduced and then things went very quiet except for use on vertical applications like the aircraft navigation system I use. To answer your question, there is no GPS system or antenna integrated into the Q1EX. I use a GPS unit (Garmin GPS-10) that connects with the Q1EX via Bluetooth.

  3. steve says:

    Hi Brian!

    did you test this beta HID driver when you tried to install W7 on your Q1EX?

    thanks for your report

    • brianflys says:

      Hi Steve,
      Yes, I did get this driver to try on my Q1EX. The problem is that this is a USB driver for a USB human interface device. But the Q1EX does not have a USB human interface device. The only HIDs that register in the device manager list are USB keyboards or mice that are attached to the tablet to operate it. The touchscreen is a PS2 device and there does not seem to be a driver that works with Windows 7.

  4. Jay Kramer says:

    Hey, I also hacked the screen drivers to support rotation on the Q1EX. You have to enable it in the INF file in the driver from via. You want to download and extract the driver as follows:

    Step 1: Microsoft Windows
    Step 2: Windows 7 32-bit
    Step 3: Integrated Graphics
    Step 4: VX820/UT Via Chrome9(tm) HC

    Download that driver, and extract it.

    Should be version 24.10.04k

    In the main folder of the driver, there is a file named dc05W7i.inf — Open this in a text editor, and change the lines
    HKR,, SupportRotation_90, %REG_DWORD%, 0
    HKR,, SupportRotation_180, %REG_DWORD%, 0
    HKR,, SupportRotation_270, %REG_DWORD%, 0

    to be

    HKR,, SupportRotation_90, %REG_DWORD%, 1
    HKR,, SupportRotation_180, %REG_DWORD%, 1
    HKR,, SupportRotation_270, %REG_DWORD%, 1

    Then install the driver as normal. This enables the rotation aspect in the standard windows display control panel in windows 7. Go to display properties to adjust rotation (any of the 4 rotations are possible)

  5. Huge complaint: Garmin requirements to trim the item line and concentrate on promoting no a lot more than five versions at a time. It must discontinue the outdated products as soon since the new designs arrive out. Along with the style numbers are particularly confusing. A model named 780 may possibly really be an older design and has fewer functions than a 765T. Numerous of those versions differ by just a couple of capabilities.

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