HP Slate 500 Yoke Mount Plate

Recently purchased an HP Slate 500 tablet PC to use in my plane with the AnywhereMap Pro GPS navigation system.  This tablet was developed by HP for commercial use (although I hear that it is now available at some retail locations).

The tablet has an 8.9″ screen, so it will fit nicely on the yoke in my plane.  Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a commercial supplier of a tablet mounting plate for the HP Slate 500, including the biggest suppliers of such things, RAM Mounts.  The mounts available from RAM either are generic “tabletop” plates that are far too big or plates for the iPAD that do not fit the HP slate.  So I made my own yoke mount plate.  Pictures below.

HP Slate 500 yoke mount plate, 0.040" 2024 aluminum

HP Slate 500 yoke mount plate, 0.040" 2024 aluminum

The mounting plate is made from aviation grade 2024 Aluminum, 0.040″ thick.  This is stiff enough to hold the tablet well while thin enough to work with the cutting, bending, and finishing tools in my hangar.  It’s a simple design, basically a cruciform shape with double horizontal members.  This leaves space for all of the ports and controls while providing arms that securely hold the tablet on the yoke.  The bottom arm has an additional vertical surface to hold the tablet bottom in place and the other arms secure it laterally.

To hold the tablet securely on the plate, I fabricated a U-shaped top bracket that velcros to the top side of the top arm to hold the tablet within the 6 arms of the plate (there is very little force against this U bracket, a design I used successfully in a previous tablet plate.  Primed and painted grey.  The tablet inserts easily onto the plate and then held securely with the U bracket.

This tablet plate bolts to a standard circular RAM 1″ ball mount, connecting arm, and adjustable yoke mounting arm.   This general design should work for most tablets, with the securing arms sized and located as needed to avoid ports and ventilation holes.



5 Responses to HP Slate 500 Yoke Mount Plate

  1. John T says:

    Nicely done. Any plans to market this? :) If not, care to share your schematics?

    • brianflys says:

      Yes, I am considering manufacturing and marketing this style of mounting plate. Have to find an efficient way to do it, or else it will cost $1000 each based on how long it takes me to do one by hand!

  2. Jim Hazen says:

    Slick rig. Do you have a template for the mounting plate? Are you using the ac inverter for power? I bought an hp slate to use with AWM Pro. I’ve been using an AWM ATC, before that the ipaq 4700. These systems have gotten me to 48 states.

    • brianflys says:

      Hi Jim,
      I used a 12V to 19V DC converter and spliced in the proprietary (&%#&)#!!) HP connector for the Slate 500 from another 110 V power supply. Kind of expensive hack since there is no 3rd party source for the connector.

      I’m working on making a dimensioned template to post. I am also looking into manufacturing and marketing this mounting plate design, since it is easily converted to popular sizes like the iPAD.

  3. Daniel Moore says:

    I have control vision looking at making a power adapter for it. It will power my slate, garmin gps 10 and a wxworks reciever. Would you be wiling to email me some more pics of the mount. I have been using an ls800 for about 4 years it is just getting tired.

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