Hog-Wild for Flying!…Now We’re Talking!

January 28, 2008

If you are one of the tens who have been reading my series of posts about getting more people “Hog-Wild for Flying” (learning from our friends who are part of the Harley community), I have Good News!!  A flegling commercial radio program has begun for GA, and by the looks of the hosts, sponsorship and content so far, I think their future is bright!

I discovered this link in my EAA e-newsletter that led me to a new weekly broadcast radio program out of Jacksonville, Florida.  It’s called FlightTime Radio, and the focus of the show is general aviation, particularly the small GA planes that most of us fly.  Plus a heaping helping of Sport Pilot and aircraft discussion.  The show is broadcast on AM 1320 (WBOB) Saturday mornings.  Starting February 2, the live broadcast starts at 10am, Eastern time, and they seem to have settled on a 2-hour show. 


 Like every good Web 2.0 endeavor, you can also listen to the show live using a link at their website, or you can download (and soon subscribe to) the shows as podcasts.

The two hosts are Milford Shirley and Brian Kraut, a couple of local guys who love aviation and are having what sounds like one heck of a good time breaking into the radio biz.  It’s great to have this positive, enthusiastic image of GA being communicated to the general public on a weekly basis 

Milton and Brian are thinking ahead, too, seeking to grow their radio broadcast market and helping local EAA chapters at the same time.  Get the program broadcast on your local station, and your EAA chapter can get a piece of the action.

Now if every pilot tells two people, who tell two people, who tell two people….about this radio show….maybe we can plant some seeds….   Did my part.  I’ve told, what, maybe 10 people who read this blog:-)

Bravo, Milford and Brian!  Best of luck to you!


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